This Help File will answer the following questions for month end reporting purposes:

  • Question 1: What is the number of active pledges for our church's fund?

  • Question 2: What are the total successful partnerships received

  • Question 3: How do I view the 70% paid to the cluster

1. Viewing Number of Active Pledges

Step 1Log onto

Step 2: Click on Menu  

Step 3: Click on Pledge Report, then Load Report 

On the Pledge Dashboard, you are able to see:

  • How many pledges are active on your church's profile
  • The number and Rand value of the different payment methods
  • A breakdown of the different currencies in your Pledge List
  • To view a list of Active pledges, click on Active.  This will give you a list of all pledges that are currently active in your fund.

To learn more about the different features of the Pledge Report, click here.

Please note:

  • In the example above there are 377 active pledges. This number represents the commitments made on Giving Forms but it doesn't mean all 377 pledges were successful or received.
  • The Gift Listing report gives a better indication of what was actually received in the Reach Bank account.

2. Viewing transactions from partnerships:

Step 1: Click on the  Menu  icon   

Step 2: Select Staff, then Gift Listing Report

Step 3: Click on Switch Fund and Select your Church Fund from the drop down list, then click Done.

Step 4: Under Choose Report, Select View All Transactions.

The "Gift Only" option shows all the transactions that were run for the chosen period, which may or may not have been successful.

Choosing "View All Transactions" enables you to have a clearer indication of what has actually happened during the month because it shows both funds that were successful and those that didn't come in for whatever reason.  If a transaction was reversed it will appear in red and will have a reason for failure in the last column

To view the  Debit Failure Codes which explain the reason for pledges not running, click here

Step 5: Under Choose Date, the date is defaulted to Past 30 days. If you click on the drop down tab, you are able to customize the reporting date. This will enable you to get a more accurate report.

3. How do I view the 70% paid to the cluster

At the end of the month, all partnerships collected in the church fund from partner pledges, are transferred to the Cluster Fund, clearing the fund to zero. From the Cluster Fund, these funds are then distributed as follows:

  • 70% is paid to the cluster via EFT


  • 20% is paid to the Admin Fee Fund


  • 10% is paid to the Missions & Church Planting Fund

Step 1: Click on the  Menu  icon  

Step 2: Select Staff, then Gift Listing Report

The Gift Listing Report

Step 3:
Click on Switch Fund and Select your Cluster Fund from the drop down list, then click Done.

Step 4Under Choose Report, Select View All Transactions.

Step 5: Under Choose Report, set the the appropriate date.

Below you are able to view how the partnerships paid into the Cluster Funds from Church Funds, are then distributed and paid.


  • Payments to the Cluster are paid to churches after the 1st of every month. When looking for this transactions, please ensure that you select the dates appropriately

  • To go back to the search options, Click on Search Again.

  • You are able check the Cluster Fund balance as of the moment you are checking by clicking on the Summary Tab.

  • You can Download the report as a .csv spreasheet.