Payslips are sent from every month either the day before or on pay day.

Please note, for queries related to your payslip you must still email This is where all are queries are managed and has a 24 hour response time.

Here is an example of a payslip with a few descriptions:

→ Employee Code:

This is the number you would use if asked on banking and other documents. It is not the same as your MPD Staff number. The MPD staff number is used for internal processing.

→ Basic Salary:

This is the fixed amount that your church would be contributing towards your salary. We are legally required to reflect this static amount.

→ Commission:

This is made up of your pledges received from partners

→ UIF Contrinution:

The Unemployment Insurance Fund(UIF) Contribution is calculated at 2% of your Basic Salary. 1% is contributed by the Employer and 1% is deducted from the employee's salary. It is a legal requirement that both employer & employee contribute to UIF when a person is receiving a basic salary from their Employer.

→ Leave Days Due:

The Ministry Partnership office does not process leave for any of the centers. Your Level balances are the responsibility of your Local Church's Human Resources Department. This figure will always be zero where no figures are given to our office.


  • PAYE Tax is calculated on Total Earnings (Basic & Commission are included in this calculation).


  • To get an idea of what you will pay for PAYE you can check your Salary Fund balance as of the 20th of the month (this is your Gross Income) and see what range you fall into on the SARS Monthly Tax deduction Tables.