This report gives the following information:

  • Tabular & Graphical view of the value  of your active pledges split by payment method and currency.


  • Tabular & Graphical view of the number of your active pledges split by payment method. 


  • List of inactive pledges with the payment history of each pledge.

Retrieving the report

Step 1Log onto

Step 2: Click on Menu

Step 3: Click on Pledge Report

Pledge Dashboard

View Active Pledges

  • To view a list of Active pledges, click on Active.  This will give you a list of all pledges that are currently active in your fund.

  • To view payment History of each partner, click on Payment History This will give a transaction history since the pledge became active.

  • For EFT Partnerships, you are able to click on the edit button and update the partner's current pledge amount


  • This cannot be done for Debit Order partnerships for legal reasons.

View Inactivated Pledges

  • To view this report, Click View  then select  Inactive pledges. 


  • You can also choose to view this in Tabular or List format and also customize the date range


  • The pledge report also allows you to view pledges that have been deactivated along with the payment history for that partner

  • The "Recently Deactivated" Report will give you a summary of the most recent deactivated pledges on your Pledge List.

View Outstanding Mandates

  • Outstanding Mandates refer to the Debit Order Mandates that need to be signed by partners who sign up online.


  • The Debit Order Mandate is sent by the Ministry Partnership Office once we get a  notification that an Online Pledge has been set up.


  • If pledges have Outstanding Mandates we are required by PASA legislation to deactivate the pledge.