This report provides a list of transactions received over the selected salary period. This amount is your income before payroll deductions (Medical Aid, PAYE, etc).

Retrieving the Report

Step 1: Log into

Step 2: Click on the Menu button

Step 3: Select 'Salary Reconciliation'

Step 4: Click 'Choose Salary' then select the salary period you wish to view, then click 'Get Report'

Understanding the report

  • The Salary Paid amount represents your fund balance as of the 20th of the month at Payroll Cut-off. On your Payslip, this will reflect as the Gross Income which will be split to reflect your Basic Salary (Church Contribution) and your Commission (sum of all pledges received less admin fee deductions).


  • Internal Staff Partnerships & Fixed Admin Fee deductions  will reflect on the 19th of each month