Creating an Account 

In order for you to have access to reports, you need to sign up here to create a GoDoChurch account.

Please note: Once you have created an account, contact the Ministry Partnership on so that your income account can be created.

Once signed up and your account is created, click here to log into reports.


The Dashboard provides a snapshot of pledge performance, salaries paid for the last three months’ payroll as well as percentage of Average Pledges versus Actual pledges received, averaged over the last three months.



Retrieving the reports

Step 1: Click Main Menu to view the different types of reports

Step 2: Select 'Staff'

The different types of reports:

  • Pledge Report: This lists all active pledges linked to your fund.

  • Salary History:  This shows you what you were paid over the last 12 month.

  • Fund Pledging: This allows prospective partners to sign an online pledge to partner with you.

**Please note:If you have no active partnerships you will have no data to view on the system